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"You have been training for this for life times, now is your time to connect deeper to your Soul Mission"

My passion is to help you align fully with your Soul Purpose and help with your Spiritual Ascension teaching you how to step into the role of Light Leader and Spiritual Teacher.  We are now facing incredible times where the veil of illusion of 3D is starting to dissipate and we are moving into our full truth of 5D.  

I have a globe client base and also work locally in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

I hold regular courses and private coaching sessions. My online sessions are held via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Online Psychic Development Course - Certified

Online Circle Leader Training - Certified 

Reiki Courses Beginners, Practitioners & Master Teachers - Certified

The 9 Rites of The Munay-KI including Teachers - Certified 

13th Rite of the Munay-Ki Womb Healing  - Certified private sessions

Private 1:1 Coaching Online 

"I adore being part of our community. The community you created and nourished. Sacred Soul Rising is such an incredible where we are all flourishing in a safe and supportive environment. I have met life long friends who care for me in there. Because I loved the community so much I then joined Spiritual Business Course to grow into the leader I know I can be. It was the next step for me, career wise and personally. Genuinely never felt so supported by everyone in the group and by you. Your advice, knowledge and wisdom shines through. You have the ability to empower, lift and hold all of us in our calls. I love learning from you and being apart of both groups. Thank you and I’m excited for our next call"

Lou Charlesworth
Reiki Master Teacher, Empowerment Coach - Rise

"What an amazing woman! with such warmth and insight. I have continued to work with cat, having healing work done, attending her circles, reiki courses and her Psychic Development and Spiritual Business course. These have allowed me to develop my self tremendously. The group is full of beautiful souls, it's so supportive and I have learnt so much about myself, my intuition and wisdom. "

Kelly Knighton-Wilson
Reiki Therapist and Oracle Readings

"I am a member of her Online courses. The online circles we have with Cat are amazing! Full of so much love and empowerment. Cat and the other ladies who are in the Sistership an awesome group of women on the rise and embracing their own gifts. Joining Spiritual Business Coaching has been one of the best choices i have made. Cat helps us all in so many ways, the content and knowledge shared has been life changing for me, and many others within this group. Again they are all fantastic ladies that have many things in common and shared love for healing and spiritual practices. I highly recommend working with Cat if you are wanting to grow your own spiritual business and/or wanting to journey in your own personal growth. Thank you so much Cat. I am super excited to continue working with you. You go above and beyond for us all. "

Jessica Marshall
Spiritual Coach, Wild Woman Mentor at Wild Woman

"I can highly recommend Cat and Sacred Soul Rising ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The universe led me to Cat when my soul was lost and it was trying to get me to listen to it but I didn’t know how to. Now with Cats amazing wisdom, gifts, light and talents I am on my souls true path. Cat is a beautiful and wise soul, with amazing wisdom, knowledge and skills. Cat is truly an inspiration to learn with and from, I am so grateful the universe led me to her. I have found the content in Sacred Soul Rising and Cat herself a shining light in these very difficult times. The topics, support and resources are priceless. Cat is extremely supportive and everything is delivered professionally but with unconditional love, empathy and understanding. Thank you beautiful lady for all you are doing for us and the world. Continue to shine bright Sister, sending your love and amazing wisdom around the world."

Heather Curtis
Munay-Ki, Reiki Healer & Womb Keeper

"I have been part of Psychic development since last year. It is the most uplifting and supportive place. A really beautiful online space. We come together, support each other and share our experiences of Cat's amazing lessons she prepares for us each month. I am also part of Cat's Spiritual Business group where she is going above and beyond to help me grow my own spiritual business. She truly is a Sacred Soul. I feel supported both spiritually as a sister and professionally for my business. Thank you Cat "

Helen Laurence
Munay-Ki & Reiki Healing, Oracle Readings - Hare Oracle

"I am so glad I found this group and Cat, what a wonderful place to share your soul work and watch others grow as you do. It's a very supportive group, between each other and also from the amount of input Cat has. She is a wonderful human. I can't imagine not being a part if this group, where I can fully be myself on a soul level. I'm fairly new to the Spiritual Business course but as always Cat does not dissapoint! The support and lessons that Cat provides is top level and is providing a great foundation for me to turn my passion into a business."

Sharon Louise
Soul Gardens Reiki & Well-Being

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