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I am here to help you create the life and business you truly desire.

I’ve been a Spiritual Teacher and Coach for over a decade and I am so passionate about helping all women Awaken - Heal and Rise and over the years I have gone from being the practitioner to the teacher and now I coach women to not only heal themselves but create the ripple effect and start to grow their own business so they can help others Heal and Rise.

I have students running their own therapy centres, working in hospitals and hospices.  I also help lots of working Mamas build their businesses around family and health, as I believe when we step into helping others that’s when we feel true joy and inner peace.

My Spiritual Business Coaching can help you build your business from the ground up.

I will help you get crystal clear on your niche and teach you how to grow an amazing thriving business, which attracts amazing soul aligned clients. 

One of the key factors to having a great growing business is Mindset and we will use a combination of techniques to look at blocks which are holding you back from achieving the business and abundance you so deeply desire. 

You will learn how to step fully into your power and gain confidence to show up fully in your business. I will show you the strategies I have used over and over again to grow my business.  I often have clients waiting over a year just to work with me or book on a certain course and I don't chase my clients, they chase me.

I'm a mother who Home Educates her children while running a successful business and I'm passionate about helping all Soul Entrepreneurs grow their businesses from 0 to fully booked.

I have been the Therapist, the Healer and Psychic and I understand the obstacles you face.  But the main thing I understand is how to overcome all the obstacles and use the energy to turn a business around, where you have great engagement and clients who are excited to work with you. 

Everything I teach is what I have done over the years to create a successful business and have the freedom and abundance in my life.

I look forward to helping you transform your Soul Business and Life.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

Love Cat x

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How Can You Work With Me?

1:1 Align & Rise Success Coaching - 4 Month Private Coaching to take you from stuck to unstoppable.

1:1 Private Soul Coaching - This is a combination of Life and Soul Coaching to help and support you.

Sisters of the Moon - My Inner Circle for Lightworkers, Healers and Empaths to help you grow and expand on all Soul and Spiritual Levels.

Reiki Courses - I teach every level, from beginners to Master Teachers and I have women travelling from all over the UK to attend my courses.

Goddess Circles and Womb Temples - To Help You Awaken - Heal and Rise.

Online Courses - To help you grow your Soul and Business

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"I have just spent the most magical weekend with THE phenomenal Cat Completing my reiki master teachers course I have studied with Cat through my whole reiki journey and honestly I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. Cat is real, raw and a true professional. Her passion for reiki and helping women rise literally runs through her blood. Her energy is contagious. She teaches in a very relaxed and friendly way which enables the student to work with ease. She is so knowledgeable and has stacks of experience which really shows. My reiki experience has been the absolute best. Life changing. I love learning with Cat because she believes in each and every student. She has instilled confidence in me I never had. I just feel amazing after every course and especially my masters this weekend. She is authentic and integral and I love that. I would recommend Sacred Soul Rising a million times over. Thank you Cat for showing me what I am capable of and my true purpose. Love Lou xxx"

Lou Charlesworth

"Cat is such a special person and the gifts that she holds, are phenomenal. I recently had a reading from Cat that was so intuned and truthful. it really got to the heart of what was going on for me. She has so much empathy and care for the work and the women she helps. I am very grateful that our paths crossed and for the guidance she helps me see. I would highly recommend her work "

Caroline Brown

"Cat has such a beautiful energy, she is a natural healer and so easy to connect with. Her passion and love for what she does, and helping women shines through so strong. From her Sistership, to the circles she holds there is such a gentle but strong guidance from her. Thank you, for everything "

Charlotte Czepiec

"Within the last 6 months, Cat has taught me Reiki 1 & 2. I have found her to have such deep wisdom and guidance. She is a loving, caring and beautiful person as well as great teacher and healer no matter your level or need. She has shown me that she is a wonderful guide full of confidence with plenty of resources to give rise to growth in the deepest way. As a human being she is also a true, real person with deep assurance in herself & deep love for herself and others. A wonderful example for all women on self acceptance, self love and deep inner growth Her guidance is there for anyone who needs it, I feel that Cat is one of those deep shining stars, here to show the way to so many of us on our beautiful and challenging life journey. "

Helene Corbonois

"I completed my Reiki 1 this weekend. The most magical and amazing experience I have had. Even before attending the weekend Cat was reassuring and supportive. She manages to create a professional yet safe and supportive environment before, during and after the training. I cannot find the words to recommend Cat highly enough for anyone thinking of starting on their Reiki journey x "

Michelle Graves

"As soon as I started working with Cat every part of my life changed. I started working with her to help get some clarity on my business and I'd seen how successful her business was and I wanted her to help me grow my healing business and for it to florish, within 3 months I'd left my 9-5 and my business and my life is florishing - thank you Cat you have changed so much of my life x"


"I have been working with Cat since December 2019 and have attended Healing Circles, Sacred Womb Temple Healing (Munay-Ki), am doing Reiki 1 training with Cat and am a member of Sisters of the Moon. The love, energy, support and encouragement in this group is amazing. My whole mindset has changed (positively) in such a short space of time feeling totally nurtured and supported by this group. To find a place with like minded people where you can shared yourself fully without fear of judgement, being misunderstood or ridicule is so special. To feel ego free pure unconditional love between us all, acceptance, encouragement while being shown widsom, lessons, tasks for growth and development and healing is amazing. Truly is the best thing I have done joining the sistership and it has ignited a passion I didn't realise I had when I had felt nothing for so long."

Tracey Roebuck

"I 100% would recommend Cats services. I recently completed Reiki 1 and had the most wonderful experience. Cat is compassionate, genuine and so knowledgeable. I felt an immediate connection and can not wait to do Reiki 2. Really enjoyable and life changing. Cat is simply amazing "


"I completed my reiki 1 course with Cat this weekend and it was an incredible experience. The course content was brilliant and so easy to follow. Cat is an amazing, supportive teacher with a wealth of knowledge and life experience. She is a truly beautiful soul and I would recommend her to anyone "


"I know I always say thank you . . . But honestly you have brought so much change and growth and love and healing and direction and unwavering support into my life. I am forever grateful! My wonderful mentor/teacher/sister/friend xxx"


"I have just finished teaching my very first Reiki 1 course to five ladies. It’s quite a big deal as I’ve been doing Reiki for 14 years and it took me a long time to feel ready. I met Cat and realised that she was the right person to attune me to the Master and Master Teacher degrees. The course was amazing and along with the comprehensive manual it enabled me to feel confident about planning my own courses. What was great also was that I was able to get support from Cat at the end of the first day of delivering the first two attunements to my students. I highly recommend Cat if you are looking to become a Reiki Master Teacher."

Alison Jessop

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